Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Random pics:)

Callie enjoying "reading night". She got her own book and got in her chair all by herself! Never mind that it is a book about trucks. It was warm enough for her to wear a mini-skirt! Wish I would have taken a pic of her standing up, so cute!:)

Callie in another mama creation. Sorry Callie! (It has little hearts on it for Valentine's day, just hard to see!)

I can only imagine what kind of wisdom he is passing on!

Some have inquired about our lastest house projects. So, here it is! We have a microwave/vent that we have had since November. We thought you could just take out the old vent and put up the microwave. Guess what, you can't! We got the UGLY vent down, than had no electricity. So we called our handy dandy home repair service, AKA Grandpa and at least got the electricty to work, hence the plug hanging from the ceiling. We called our electrician and he said we needed a cabinet, I wasn't here to talk to him, so I'm really not sure what that means. So, we'll figure it sooner or later. We did go to the home show this last weekend to get ideas for our kitchen and bath. No ideas but Direct TV is coming back today to get us set up again. Who knew they would have a big booth calling Todd's name!

Hope all is well. We are enjoying warm temperatures for Feb. It was so nice to get out and walk yesterday, the first time in our new neighborhood. We are so lucky to have lots of boys around, I can't get used to the door bell ringing and having kids wanting to play. We've never had that! Poor Kellen! He's been stuck with me all these years! They are going to have to learn how to watch their watches though, they have a tendency to not come home when they are supposed to.

I got an email today from my homeschool yahoo group talking about a study to encourage kids to play. I just have to say I think that is sad. Why would you have to encourage kids to play? (As I said, I will have to give my two cents occasionally!) I am working really hard to teach my kids to work, but playing we have no problem doing!

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