Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Thursday!

Not anything special about today, but we all slept and the people with colds seem to be getting better, not worse. So, Happy Thursday!

The boys had an Old Testament feast last night in their Bible class. Kellen was King David, Garrett was young David. (Just in case you couldn't figure it out by the wonderful costumes!)

Gannon thought he and Callie should be in the picture as well:)

Callie and daddy. It is a little disgusting how much she likes him! Either that or she knows who pays for the shoes!=)

Callie working hard on some sort of woodworking project. I think we will have to go shoe shopping now, she doesn't have any steel-toed boots!

The following will be categorized under TMI, or Too Much Information, so don't read the rest! Unless you've ever been a mom, then you will be unfazed. I am trying to add Gannon comments when I can because there is nothing like a conversation with a four-your-old boy, and I am almost done with four-year-old boys. (sniff, sniff) To put this in kiddo words, when Gannon goes, well, number two should we say, he still calls me for assistance (wiping). I told him a few weeks ago I thought he could probably handle this job and he looked at me with a shocked look on his face and said "no way, that's gross!". I said "yes, yes it is".

The following will be categorized under PSA, or Public Service Announcement. On a serious note, we have three friends of friends that have lost children in the past week. One was an eleven-year-old boy and one a twelve-year-old boy, both to flu related illness. Both were too quick to even realize what was happening. So, WASH YOUR HANDS! Around here, the sicknesses are just beginning. One school system that has 800 or so kids, had 400 out on Monday with illness. It is scary to think about what could happen so fast. We have to trust in God that he will take care of us, but I think he expects us to do our part. So, wash your hands, eat healthy and get your rest. OK, enough preaching. Have a safe and healthy day!

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