Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Welcome! I am starting a blog to help keep in touch with our family and friends. Since moving to Iowa it seems like I am having a hard time keeping up with people and keeping them informed about what is going on with us. I figure our moms are the only ones who will care, but that is fine! This will be about what is going on with us, with a little of my two cents thrown in! I will try to add lots of pics, as the kids are changing so much every day. So, thanks for looking, have a blessed day!

Callie and Gannon enjoying a box and a recorder, who needs toys! Callie loves music and is quite good at playing the recorder!

3-D glasses for the Super Bowl commercials.

Callie playng Peek-A-Boo with Daddy during the Super Bowl. Only she could get away with that!


Guess she needed to cheer a little louder!

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kellenfoxx said...

Nice #1 with the hand! :)