Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm. So. Tired.

This is going to be a long day is all I can say. Why do I have kids that don't sleep? Callie woke up at her usual 3:00 am. No biggie. Then I get that tap on the back at 4:30. Nothing like turning around to glow-in-the dark skeleton pjs, who bought him those!? (It was me.) Gannon said he had a nightmare. He was pretty calm for having a nightmare, not sure he even knows what that is, but he thought he did. I just put him in our bed, I was too tired to get up. Well, Todd's alarm goes off at 5:00. Gannon needs a drink, he's never gone back to sleep, so I send him with daddy and just get up. Luckily Tuesday is our home day. Todd usually closes on Tuesdays but he has meetings today, so he left at 5:45 and won't be home until 7:00. Your probably wondering, "why don't you go back to bed?" Well, I started a new organizing system for our family, Managers of Their Homes. It works great, except that I feel guilty if I stray from it. Once I worked out everything we have to get done in a week, I have to get up at 5:30am. I know me, and if I don't stick with it, our house will be shambles, kids running around everywhere. Well, maybe not that bad, but it's not good!

OK, enough of my pity party. I don't have any new pics so I will add some older ones. Since I am a little behind on getting pics out, no one has probably seen them! I remember when Kellen was a baby, I went to the one-hour photo all the time and sent out a billion pictures. That has obviously quit happening. I sure most people are glad, I don't know what to do with pics of my own kids, so I'm sure other people don't need shoe boxes full of pics of my kids!

Also had to had another Gannon quote. During our Bible lesson yesterday we were talking about the lineage of Jesus, which led of course to Jesus being God's son. Gannon said "I know Jesus is God's son". I asked him how he knew that, he said "because they both have beards". Of course Kellen and Garrett started to laugh, but he did not deter. He very adamantly said he had seen pictures and he knew they both had beards, then he drew a picture for us. Our scanner is broken or I would scan the picture. He drew them with fig leaves like Adam and Eve, again he's seen pictures.

Who knows, we are very into costumes at our house. Gannon 2007

Gannon's first and last ride in the jeep. We can't get it to work anymore. Too bad, he obviously loved it! Poor guy, it was officially Kellen and Garrett's jeep, and I'm afraid if we ever get another one it will be pink! 2007

Children of the Corn. Not really, this is at the Field of Dreams movie sight. More fun than I expected, of course the kids loved it, lots of room to run around. Madison, Mallori, Mason, Gannon, Garrett, Kellen, 2007

Here are the big kids enjoying the corn. Clay and Todd, 2007

Visit from our Tulsa cousins. We went to the Mississippi River visitors center. Poor things, I was so excited to see the barge come through the lock and dam we stayed forever! We enjoyed their visit, and other than this excursion, I think they did too! Jack, Garrett, Taryn, Kellen, Gannon, 2007

A visit to our cousins house in Yukon. I'm pretty sure we terrorized Mazzios during this visit! (We miss you Mazzios!) They always have so much fun together. Karlee, Gannon, Garrett, Kymree, Kellen, 2007

Enough reminiscing. None of my kiddos are up, which is a good thing.

Tired kids + tired mama = usually not so great day!

I do love my kids, I am blessed to have them and be home with them. Focus on the good stuff right!:)

Have great day!

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