Friday, February 20, 2009

Reinforcements are coming!

We are slowly but surely getting work done on our house. We were really gung ho in the beginning, then we realized how looooooong everything takes. Times that by four kids and two parents that really don't know what they are doing, and it really takes a looooooong time! My biggest problem is that I can't make decisions. I have lists, books, magazines, websites, visions in my head, all competing to win in our house. Then there is the budget. Even if I could go in pick anything I wanted, I don't think I could. I was raised to be frugal, it's in my genes. Even Grandma Lanier, who, lets say, could be a little less frugal and be able to pay her bills, is still frugal. I'm glad it's in my genes, I think it is called being responsible and being a good steward with your money, as God intended. But, it does add another dimension to the decision making. And, unlike Grandma, we really can't be less frugal!:)

Let's take toilets for example. This is what we shopped for yesterday. Did you know there are million choices of toilets? It is really stressing me out! Todd and I were discussing our to-do list last night and I am wondering why anyone would get a toilet with a one-star flush rating when you could get a five-star flush-rating. Yes, they have flush ratings. Do you think the same people test them that test the cars for crash ratings? (Just kidding.) I also read that elongated toilets are better for boys, round toilets are better for potty-training girls. Who knew? Do you think in the past there were big discussions about whether to did the hole elongated or round? Then mother put her vote in, she likes round. She does go to the bathroom a lot when she is here, so should her vote count? The next problem is that at Lowes, for example, all the toilets are mounted above your head. I would think it would be nice to sit on them, if it's not comfortable, cross it off the list. They do have a few on the floor, for six hundred dollars! I'm not paying six hundred dollars for a toilet. And then the toilet also has to look right. Another area I'm not good at. But, I'm not hiring a decorator to help me pick out a toilet. I know what I like, but sometimes it doesn't come together like I think it is going to. I really don't want to have to do this twice, because the icing on the cake is shopping for toilets with four kids. Especially when three of those kids are boys. Enough said.

So, back to my title, reinforcements are coming! Mom and Dad, AKA Grandma and Grandpa have tickets to come the first week of March. Yeah! They said to make a list of things we need help with. I think they will realize it is never good to volunteer for something that broad. The things we need help with are too many to even list, and are not limited to home remodeling, which is what I think they were referring to! I really feel bad for them to come visit and they feel like they have to help. I really try to treat our family like guests when they come visit. But, with parents, it's hard. There is that comfortableness (is that a word?) that comes with knowing you are taken care of around them, even when they are in your home. It's easy to let your guard down. Hopefully the weather will be nice and we can do some fun stuff too. Although redoing houses is fun to them, I don't think I got that gene! I like to shop for all the stuff, just not do anything with it!

They boys have been talking about baptism some lately. I have to laugh because their inner thoughts have really come out in their conversations, those deep thoughts that define them as people. Garrett, 8, asked me how old you have to be to be baptized. I told him it wasn't decided by your age. Before I could go into my speech about it all, he said "oh, is it by height?" Bless his heart, he is so used to being to small for things, like rides and such. He probably never thought he would be tall enough to get into Heaven! I'm sure he was imagining one of signs with a cartoon character and a ruler telling you if your were allowed into the baptistery. Kellen, of course, is worried about what to wear! He asked me if he were to be baptized if he would have to take two outfits to church. I guarantee he has outfits already picked out! He is always all about what he is going to wear. Luckily, he is pretty good at matching and things, for a guy. But, I did tell him that what you wear is not what the focus should be on. I think we have some more studying to do!

Wish someone could give her some proper training!

The following are us trying to get a picture for Valentine's Day cards.

I think she wanted you to see her shoes in the picture! They are cute though!

I had a frame that said hugs and kisses, that is why they are trying to kiss Callie, they do love her, but it's not usually a big kissing fest!

(love Gannon's face!)

What we ended up with, gave up on the kissing. Aren't they precious!

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