Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just Had To Add...

Sunday is over. I know I shouldn't say this about a Sunday, but I'm glad this day is over, it has seemed upside down all day!

I just had to add Gannon's comment from dinner last night, it has made me chuckle all day. After we had finished eating and were getting ready to clear the table, we turned the lights on. He looked down at his plate and said "there is something yellow and orange in my potato!" Well, it was a double baked potato with butter and cheese! Of course he had not seen this by candlelight. It was so funny. I am thinking we should eat all our meals by candlelight, then no one would complain about the food!

Tried to shop for myself today at Kohls. Just a tad bit depressing. Apparently they don't have those "skinny mirrors" you read about. I decided I really must be turning f***y this year after reading the tags of the things I took to try on. The bra had a big sign on front, and I mean big, that said "Lift it up". The jeans said "secretly slimming". The workout pants (I guess that is what you call them, I wear them when my jeans are too tight) had a list on the tag to let me know what I could wear them for, like I would be too old to know what to do with pants! I decided to buy the jeans, I thought if I hung them in my closet, maybe they would give my other clothes the secret, then I wouldn't have to buy new clothes! I did buy some running shoes. I don't enjoy running, but I felt better just putting them on.

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