Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

One party down, one to go! We had a great time with our friends over this morning. It seems like a while since we had seen them, even though it was only a couple of weeks. But, they were our neighbors before we moved, so we saw them all the time:( I'm looking for houses for them in our new neighborhood, we just have to convince their daddy that this is the place to be! (Josh, you know you miss clearing snow off our driveway!)

There are several pics in this post, the only way I can see them all is to click on Feb 2009 at the right. Don't know if it is that way for everyone or not. Just wanted to mention it, I know you don't want to miss any!:)

The boys playing "Army Guys". Check out Garrett's new glasses. I've been trying to get the obligatory new glasses picture and none of them look very good. We're thinking about taking them back to get others, long story. What do you all think? Honest opinions only!

The girls, having a very important conversation I am sure.

"Let's try and escape!"

"Look six goofy people trying to makes us smile!"

"Emily, if you really want to annoy your mom, lay down like this with your feet in the air while she is trying to take your picture!"

Best friends:) Callie, 14 months, Emily almost 5 1/2 months.

"Excuse me, all eyes on me please."


Kerry Foxx said...

Amy, I really enjoy reading this!! I feel like I can see your kids day-to-day now. Since we can't see you all very often this is a wonderful way to keep up. I LOVE the pictures!

Kerry Foxx said...

LOVE Callie's outfit:) I can't get over how she reminds me of Taryn!

kellenfoxx said...

Cute! :)