Monday, February 23, 2009

Happiness Is A Choice

I really do believe happiness is a choice. This morning I am repeating it to myself over, and over, and over... I woke up in not such a great mood, so bare with me while I preach to myself! It's my own fault, I didn't get enough sleep and had a waaaay to long to do list this weekend that didn't get done. That is always setting myself up for failure, I should know better than to even have a to do list! But, I really do think happiness is a choice. So, today I am going to choose to be happy. This is not hard when I look at all that God has given me! OK, I'm better now=)

We are on the countdown to birthdays. Kellen, our resident calculator, calendar, timer, anything time-related person, is counting down to his twelve birthday. And, in case you didn't know, he was born on his daddy's birthday. So, Todd is counting down to his fortieth! Well, I don't know if he is counting down, but he knows it's coming! (Thanks to Kellen:)) March 8 is the big day. Kellen has decided he wants a laptop computer. OK, no problem. Actually, he has decided he is going to buy himself a laptop, that is all he wants so he is using his money from Christmas and his last birthday and allowance to buy one. Of course, he also is counting on money from certain people this year to help=). He found one at Sam's that is not expensive, but it also has an 8-inch screen! I keep trying to tell him he'll be sorry, that he'll have a headache after about ten minutes of use. I am also wondering, do you let a twelve-year-old have their own computer. I know there are millions of children who do. But, we tend to be a little old-fashioned, so it's not sitting right with me. He is a good boy, responsible, and pretty good at disciplining himself for an almost twelve-year-old boy. (He's up doing his math in his pj's before his brothers get up, because he knows he can't concentrate as well when they are up. Wish I was this disciplined!) I just worry about him disappearing in his room and us not seeing him until he's eighteen. I know, this is coming with or without the laptop, but I'm in denial, so don't remind me. Kellen in a great saver and has been diligent in looking for the right "deal", so I almost feel like we should reward that behavior. We'll see what happens....

A box of fabric came this weekend that included the materials for Callie's Easter dress. Poor thing, she is going to be the guinea pig in all of my craftiness! At least until she can throw a fit about it, which probably won't be too long! I can't wait to start on it, I need to get busy in case I need to go buy her something when it doesn't work out. I enjoying sewing, embroidering, quilting, all of it, it just doesn't always turn out the way I think it is going to! Stay tuned to see what I come up with.

We got the little table out of the basement for Callie to sit at. Kellen got this table and chairs for his second Christmas and it has survived all the moves and garage sales. Callie has taken to wanting to get up at the big table and sit in the chairs, or stand in the chairs, or climb onto the table, or any combination of these things. She falls or a chair falls on her at least once a day. I thought she would like to sit here while we are trying to do schoolwork. She likes it if someone is sitting with her, but the rest of the time she wants to be with us at the big table. You would think I had never had kids before. They want to do what the "big people" are doing, not the miniature version! She was pretty proud of it though!

Kellen teaching Callie to draw.

Gannon being creative with shapes.

Garrett working on math. The kid can't sit down and work at the same time. Luckily his teacher allows this. (If she didn't, I don't think he would ever get done!)

Kellen sitting at the computer. I'm sure the smile is because he is done with his schoolwork! He is wearing his haversack. His Uncle Ryan made it for him for Christmas. It is something they used in the Civil War (and probably other times!). Yes, Ryan made it by hand for him, Kellen loves it and still marvels that Ryan made it. Ryan used to be a Civil War re-enactor, so is full of all kinds of info. I keep trying to get him to come visit us and give them a history lesson, but for some reason he thinks Washington DC and Boston are more exciting places to visit. He doesn't know exciting until he's lived with four kids!

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